Specifically invented for the performance horse athlete


A whole-food treat horses really do prefer over typical sugary treats, with good-for-them, immune boosting ingredients. Choose from a variety of bases and fruits like mango, apple and apricot - customized for your preference. It's like treating your horse to a smoothie ... with boosts!

Our Process

  • Sport Horse Cookies start with a base of pumpkin or apple and South American super foods and fruit is added

  • Once mixed, coconut oil is added, the mixture is formed into balls and dehydrated for 22 hours

  • By dehydrating the cookies, all of the nutritional value of the fruits and super foods are maintained, the flavor is enhanced and kept fresher longer

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our beginnings

A rider, her horse and her quest for a healthy horse treat. Learn more about how Sport Horse Cookies started.

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Customize your Sport Horse Cookies to the taste preference of your performance horse athlete.

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